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Teacher Made Materials

Teacher Made Materials is a collection of Six Hats® activities and materials that teachers have developed with their students.  Please send your ideas, successes, strategies to franny@learnerslink.com..


Six Hats® Key Ring to signal thinking

Created by Dawn Alabaugh, Edwardsburg Public Schools, Edwardsburg, Michigan


Six Hats® Check List

Jennifer Minner, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Directions: Place a check beside the question asked or answered.

Student’s Name

White Hat

Yellow Hat

Black Hat

Red Hat

Green Hat

Blue Hat





Color in the hats and put this card on your

desk to help you remember the HATS.                                                                                                                       

 What are the facts?

How do you feel about this?

 “Uh – Oh!”

                    What problems might happen?

What are the good things?

                   What are the benefits?

 What are other ways?

                    What are some new ideas?

 How did you come up with your idea? 

                         What will you do next?

Created by Kristyn M. Case, Pottville Area School District

A Six Hats Application – A Pocket for Corduroy

By Elizabeth Rapkik


1.1 Learning to Read Independently

1.2 Reading Critically in All Content Areas

1.3 Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Literature

1.6 Speaking and Listening

OBJECTIVE:  Students will use the problem solving sequence to think up a way to create a pocket for Corduroy.

LESSON:  After discussing the cover and making predictions about what the book will be about, the teacher will begin to read the story.  When the teacher reaches the point in the story where Corduroy leaves to find something to make a pocket from, the teacher will follow the problem solving sequence.  The teacher will have the students use this sequence to devise a plan for Corduroy to make his pocket. The steps are outlined below.  The teacher could use chart paper to record the students’ ideas as the lesson progresses.  A different piece would be used for each step in the problem solving process.

BLUE HAT: What does Corduroy want and how can he get it? 

WHITE HAT:  What do we know about Corduroy’s surroundings?  What knowledge do we have about materials in a Laundromat?

GREEN HAT:  What possibilities does Corduroy have for making his pocket?

YELLOW HAT:  What are the benefits of Corduroy looking for a pocket in a Laundromat?

BLACK HAT:  What difficulties will Corduroy have creating a pocket for himself in a Laundromat?

BLUE HAT:  Have each child choose their favorite idea for how to create a pocket for Corduroy and discuss why they chose this idea.

The lesson will finish with the teacher finishing the story so that the students can compare their ideas with the solution that Corduroy develops for himself.

  To be sung to the tune of "It's a Small World After All"

by Karen Lau

We can understand what we read and hear

When we use Six Hats® it will all be clear

As we put on each one, we'll find learning is fun

With our thinking hats!


First the white hat tells all the things we know

Then the red hat reveals all the moods we show

And when yellow's around, there is good to be found

With our thinking hats!


Now the black hat tells where the dangers lie

And the blue hat helps us to summarize

When the green hat appears, we share new ideas

With our thinking hats!


Six bright, colorful thinking hats (repeat 3 times)

They make learning fun!

Six Thinking Hats Song

By the Kistler Teachers

To the tune of This Old Man


Six Thinking Hats®,  Six Thinking Hats®,

We all think with them.

With a white hat, red hat, green hat too,

Watch how we think for you!


White Hat, White Hat,

Facts are what we want back.

With a white hat, red hat, green hat too,

Watch how we think for you!


Red Hat, Red Hat,

Feelings are what we want back.

With a white hat, red hat, green hat too,

Watch how we think for you!


Black Hat,  Black Hat,

Weaknesses are what we want back.

With a red hat, black hat, yellow hat too,

Watch how we think for you!


Yellow Hat, Yellow Hat

Strengths are what we want back.

With a black hat, yellow hat, green hat too,

Watch how we think for you!


Green Hat, Green Hat,

Ideas are what we want back.

With a black hat, yellow hat, green hat too,

Watch how we think for you!


Blue Hat, Blue Hat,

A bird’s eye view is what we want back.

With a green hat, blue hat, white hat too,

Watch how we think for you!


Six Thinking Hats®,  Six Thinking Hats®

A way to help us to learn.

With a white hat, red hat, black hat too,

Watch how we think for you!

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